Couples Counseling

Seeking Couples Counseling to assist you and your partner in improving your life together is a sign of courage and a great step in the direction of hope.

Relationship In Trouble?

If you’re looking for help getting unstuck in destructive ways of relating to one another, you’ve come to the right place. Getting counseling as a couple will help you to build intimacy and understanding. Would you like to feel the love and connection you crave? Here you will find balanced relationship counseling (this means neither one of you won’t be bashed and blamed for everything).

Some Common Relationship Issues:

  • We fight – A Lot
  • He walks away from me when things get heated
  • She is always nagging or complaining
  • I don’t feel like my partner loves me anymore
  • My partner drinks, tokes, gambles, etc. too much
  • There has been an affair
  • Our sex life is dead

OCD & Relationships

When one or both partners lives with Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, it can present its own set of challenges and a new layer of complexity to relationships. Working with a therapist who is both skilled in working with couples, AND experienced in treating OCD, can be a tremendous benefit to couples who want to learn how to support one another and improve the way they communicate through challenges.

Neither Partner is to Blame

What?!? Can this be true?

Yes! We take a relational perspective – which means that “there are two sides to every story.” Usually, both partners really want the relationship to work. Sometimes it seems like feeling connected and secure with your partner has become impossible. That’s where couples counseling can help tremendously.  Because we’ll go beyond the surface-level details and to the core of what really matters. We use research-based techniques to help you make positive and last changes to your relationship.

What Happens in Couples Counseling?

Our goal is to help you use your skills and unique qualities to find solutions to problems. Our expertise will help you to enhance your relationships, build confidence as a couple, and develop a healthy sense of self. Together we can work successfully to help you feel connected and valued by your partner. Improving communication is just the first step.

You deserve to have a healthy and thriving relationship. Couples counseling will help you to learn healthy ways of relating, to increase your intimacy, and to trust and appreciate one another again.